COMBINE A PROLIFIC, easily inspired artist and performer, a magical piano and you will see dreams can reach the sky. People are touched by Steven’s genuine zest for life, sensitivity, and creativity. 

Steven Vitali is an internationally recognized composer, arranger, and recording artist. His music is noted in the genre of instrumental, new age and theme music. He is noted for his tremendous versatility, vivaciousness & creativity.  The music is evocative, moving and memorable and is heard on radio, in television, on films and he has performed for fans, dignitaries and celebrities to great acclaim. 
Steven Vitali has a proven track record as a charted, marketable and successful Canadian and International Artist.  As a part of the musical tapestry of our nation, Steven has made some remarkable contributions.  From being inducted into the Canadian Snowbird's Hall of Fame as an Honorary Snowbird for his outstanding Canadian Achievement, to his chart topping hits.  Steven has made his mark on the music scene.  His music is compared to that of John Barry, Hans Zimmer,Yanni & Vangelis just to name a few.  After taking time away from recording and producing his own music, this new material is starting to position him once again as the talented, inventive and creative instrumentalist in the industry. 

This multidimensional instrumentalist was born June 21, on the first day of summer and Father's Day, in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Vitali was initially musically inspired after seeing an orchestra perform the "Nutcracker Suite" ballet, cementing his desire to compose his own music. Although Steven Vitali was mainly self-taught as a composer, his musical training began in grade school, where he played the trumpet and French horn. He took the principles he learned a step further, and knew that song writing was what he wanted to do. 

As a young boy, Steven received his first piano as a gift from a generous neighbor, who perhaps intuitively recognized his musical desires. Thus began his inspirational journey of musical expression. As Steven grew older his musical interests expanded. He became versatile with numerous instruments, trumpet, French horn, guitar, and piano. Steven started to compose seriously in his early teens. Though his musical influences changed throughout the years, he continued to develop as a prolific instrumentalist, expanding into film composition. 

In Steven Vitali's quest to find new sounds he truly relates and refers to the statement made by the late, John Cage who wrote, "My favourite music is the music I haven't yet heard. I don't hear the music I write: I write in order to hear the music I haven't yet heard." Steven Vitali is superlative in creating music for radio, film, television, and records. His musical talents are so diverse that he can write for any genre of music. Vitali is a composer committed to the idea of writing music that is accessible to a broad audience. He has received numerous awards and grants, and has been written about in many articles and musical journals. 
Steven Vitali's music appeals to anyone who has a desire for inspiration and tranquility. Vitali's music is a powerful mood builder for radio, film, and television. His music attracts those searching for beauty in life's experiences, and yet is known to excite and thrill audiences. Steven finds inspiration in matters of the heart, reflection in nature's own, water and sunsets. Even though this genre of music is often categorized as New Age, it is the reflection of age old magic and serenity. Steven, a composer of many accolades, contests to be a "very fortunate guy." He aspires to be nothing but the best he can be. Vitali believes his musical arrangements convey imagination and emotion which evoke a sense of passion, excitement and romanticism. He is able to integrate this into his personal style in a remarkable manner. Vitali's music is an unique blend of virtually all styles, often merging popular and classical styles. 

Steven Vitali's music is known for its richness of invention and development. As an inventor of compositions, he seems to be inexhaustible. Vitali's music springs directly from his everyday experiences of life. His works have a complex musical personality and are full of dramatic tensions not far below the music's seductive surface. With many solo albums to his credit, Vitali continues to influence a wide range of contemporary musicians. 

Vitali is gaining a worldwide reputation as a multi-instrumentalist. Steven Vitali is able to explain music to a wide audience, in a clear and definitive manner. Vitali's masterful music is built on romantic structure. It is all at once lyrical, rhythmical, and harmonically opulent. Vitali is a composer, arranger, and performer, equally at home writing for radio, the concert hall, or for film. 

While Vitali's career continues to blossom with the new chart topping CD Language Of The Soul, and as an internationally recognized television and film composer he promises that no matter how successful he may become, he will continue to believe in one's inspiration and will always be destined to express new ideas.